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Horizontal Icon Boxes (in columns):


[dtbaker_icon type=”horizontal” color=”#c5dbde” title=”Title here” icon=””]Choose any icon and color[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”horizontal” color=”#edceea” title=”Title here” icon=””]Choose and icon and color[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”horizontal” color=”#f7daa1″ title=”Title here” icon=””]Choose any icon and color[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”horizontal” color=”#c6bade” title=”Title here” icon=””]Choose any icon and color[/dtbaker_icon]



Vertical Icon Boxes:


[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#f7daa1″ title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#b6d9de” title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#ffcfe4″ title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#8ee0f5″ title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#87dff5″ title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#f0d59e” title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#c5dbde” title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]

[dtbaker_icon type=”vertical” color=”#f5d0df” title=”Title here” icon=””]Content here[/dtbaker_icon]


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